Ibenta mo na…

Ibenta mo nalang yan kotse mo!
(Sell your car already!)

I guess this is the most hurtful comment that I usually hear from people.

They won’t understand the bond that you have given into something. That even though it can’t love you back, still you give so much effort and time to maintaining it and nurturing it too.

Why can’t this people understand that if you, as a person can love such a thing with no reservations. How much more for them? The same people that makes such comments?

I guess its not the lack of respect for what you love but rather they haven’t found something that they can truly relate with.

You may say that I treat my car as musicians treat their instruments, as it is a medium for my craft.
There maybe “other instruments” but having something you can call your “own” is a very rare opportunity.

But personally how I find my bond with my car is the very same as how a katana is bonded to a samurai. There are many swords out there in the battlefield with varying degree of sharpness, length and purpose. But any self respecting samurai has a personalized, purpose built katana to his specs. It cannot be handled by other people the same way as its “master” can, and so is my car. Selling it would only give pain than pleasure to the next owner, for it is catered to me and me alone.

So to everybody out there thinking that I would be selling my car.
Go fuck yourselves.
Find better things to do.


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